Automatic disinfection robot drived by Linar® by Belifeline® LIFE-X

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The sterilization robot Belifeline® LIFE-X is composed of a wheeled chassis and a combination of machines
Disinfection: A disinfectant spray belifeline® ecological, as well as sterilization by U.V. 

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Ideal for disinfection of train halls, airports, warehouses, building halls supermarkets, schools, universities, public premises, administrations... etc

CE Standards - ROHS

Warranty 1 year parts and labour 

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Automatic disinfection robot drived by Linar® by Belifeline® LIFE-X

  • Size: 635 * 486 * 1530mm
  • Weight: 50kg battery included
  • Lithium battery capacity: 24C/40Ah
  • Recharge time: 2H
  • Maximum charging voltage: 29.4V
  • Autonomy: 6H automatically recharges on its basis 
  • Wheel: Rubber
  • Motor power: 150W
  • Max torque: 30NM
  • Maximum load: 50Kg
  • Speed: 0.7m/s
  • Navigation accuracy: 50mm
  • Navigation sensor: Lidar® (16m)
  • Wireless connection: 2.4/4G Wifi
  • Wireless transmission: 200M
  • Operating environment: Indoor
  • Certification: IP20
  • Vertical clearance: 10mm
  • Maximum slope: 5°
  • Refill of disinfectant: 15L
  • Spray density: 1500ml/
  • Up to 800m2 of disinfection per hour.
  • U.V intensity: 117UW/CM 2 (per lamp)
  • Disinfection: U.V + Disinfectant/Electrolysed Water PH less than or equal to 3.5 PH (spray via 4 nozzles)
  • Charging input voltage: AC220V
  • Output: 29.4/7A
  • Rated power 200W

Détails produit

The sterilization robot is composed of a wheeled chassis and a combination of machines
Disinfection: A disinfectant spray, as well as sterilization by U.V. It is ideal for commercial surfaces, schools, offices, and more.
The robot is equipped with Lidar® 3D map sensor, which can perform an omnidirectional scan and detect distances to map the area to be disinfected.
Depending on the use, disinfection and sterilization must be carried out in a planned manner to avoid contact with the human body.
This robot is driven by a long-cycle, high-density lithium battery.
Thanks to its combination of two kinds of disinfections (U.V + sprayer), it can effectively kill pathogens and micro-organisms in the environment and air.
Accumulated light intensity of U.V lamps: 836uw/cm2. Coverage radius of 6m (Lamps).

Up to 800m2 of disinfection per hour.

Lamps U.V
Projection nozzles

The robot is controlled by a dedicated android smartphone app.
By logging into the application you can access the programs to give disinfection instructions.

LCD control screen

Scan of the card:
The first operation of the robot is the scanning of the card. The robot automatically generates the map of its environment by controlling its movements.
It can do this automatically or manually.
When the map is scanned, click on «save map» to save it. If you want to scan again click on «clear map» before restarting the scan.

Equipped with a human presence detection radar.

Note: Disinfection operations should not be performed in the presence of humans in the area.

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